Thatch Renaissance

The thatching industry has undergone a recent boom in counties such as Dorset where a number of new developments are being built to meet increasing demand. These developments have provided a crossover between traditional thatch and newly built property. Existing Schemes have proved very popular among buyers looking for the ‘rural charm’ of thatch with the layout of a modern home. Due to the maintenance issues synonymous with thatch, these developments are less likely to have universal appeal but this is part or their attraction to buyers.

Thatched cottages have continued to be popular into the 21st century among those who aspire to own a traditional rural home. It is interesting to know that heat insulation properties of thatch are higher in many cases than modern homes built in conventional materials. Thatch enthusiasts remark how their homes remain cool in summer and keep warm during the winter months. With the drive for better heat efficiency and fuel economy in homes, thatch performs well within government guidelines. For this reason, the reintroduction of thatch buildings makes sense from both environmental and aesthetic points of view.

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