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The Thatched Owners Group only costs £95.00. This is a once only payment that entitles you to lifetime membership of the group for as long as you own a thatched property.

Our Range of Membership Benefits include;


Find the prettiest thatch in Britain.

Property:Our range of property services includes roof surveys, roof repairs, rethatching, re-ridging, timber work, brick restoration, masonry repairs, fire retardant treatments,.window repairs and replacements and much, much more

Information Helpdesk: If you are looking for help in sourcing products, finding specialist skills or locating services, we will help - just call us on 01406 330007, fax your enquiry to 01406 331185, or email  
Talk to our friendly staff today - for any queries about you thatched home

  Insurance for thatched cottages Insurance: Our reputation has been built on providing a valuable insurance service for those living under thatch. Highly competitive rates and monthly payments are just two of a whole range of insurance services available. ...

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Specialists Directory: You can use this through our Web site or simply give us a call and we will send you a copy of the relevant information: from AGA Cookers to Woodworm Treatment.

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Thatched Property Supplies

Discounted Products: Thatched Owners Group members automatically have an account opened for them. They are then eligible for discounts on a wide range of products for the home. Members are given priority on all special offers.

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Expert help and Advice: Our experts are here to help with any problems or queries our members may have. We have an extensive network of people to call on, including Simon Crouch (Master Thatcher), Richard Bettison (Surveyor/Structual Engineer), Brian Evans (Mortgage Advisor), and Bob Cooke (Valuer), and should be able to offer a solution to most problems within 48 hours.

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Fire Prevention Advice

Fire Safety: The Thatched Owners Group is at the forefront of technology and developments in fire safety. We currently provide fire retardant treatments for timbers as well as varnishes and paints, in addition to a range of products which can be purchased from our mail order section. Members can telephone for help and advice on any aspect of fire safety.

Simply contact us:

Tel: 01406 330007
Fax: 01406 331185


We are open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am -12am on Saturday.