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Employ a Professional Institute of Plumbing

The Institute of Plumbing (IoP) is a professional body concerned with raising standards of plumbing in the public interest. It does this through its role as a registered educational charity, promoting high standards of plumbing to the public and the plumbing industry.

What are the Institute’s aims?

One of the Institute’s main aims is the introduction of compulsory registration for those within the plumbing industry. Compulsory registration of plumbers will benefit individual trades-people, the industry and the public in many ways. It will raise the image, reputation and respect of plumbers and plumbing in the UK and most importantly, eradicate the ‘cowboy’ element. This will protect public health and safety and enhance the industry through attracting competent craftsmen and women.

The IoP also aims to educate the public to avoid the cowboy and use IoP members at all times. The Institute’s reputation for Professionalism, Responsibility and Competence make its members professionals the public can trust. Members have to abide by a Code of Professional Standards to ensure this

How does the IoP carry out its work?

The Institute of Plumbing promotes the industry to government, the public and manufacturers and aims to work with other bodies and trade organisations where possible to advance plumbing.

To educate members, the Institute offers a range of Professional Development courses and technical events. It also publishes a range of technical literature (including the renown Plumbing Engineering Services Design Guide) and publishes the bi-monthly plumbing magazine packed with technical information to keep members up-to-date with the latest innovations in the plumbing industry. The IoP also runs a government recognised Approved Contractor Person Scheme and the highly successful Master Plumber Certificate.

To protect the public from incompetent trades-people, the Institute is constantly working with the media, consumer groups and the Trading Standards Service.

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