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The following information is taken from the Dorset County Council web site and lists the Codes of Practice of the Thatching Report. The information is therefore most applicable to residents within Dorset but also provides a useful guide to all members of thatched properties. It is important to remember that it is necessary to contact your local authority for legislation relevant to your property. The information sets out the background of measures rather than any precise legislation.

Guidelines for Recording Historic Thatched Roofs

In exceptional circumstances a full archaeological excavation of the roof thatch may be required, resulting in the production of a published report of the excavation. In other cases where survey and sampling are desirable a smaller scale investigation will generally be acceptable.

Guidance for Grants and Loans

Grants and loans should be used to promote traditional craftsmanship, the use of traditional materials, the preservation of the local styles and character of thatched roofs and the recording of their historic interest and value.

Guidelines for Policy on Unlisted Thatched Buildings

In all circumstances the retention of existing thatch will be encouraged. Planning permission may be required for the removal of the thatch.

Where existing thatch is retained authorities will encourage the use of traditional materials, local styles and the retention of important historical features.

Developers will be encouraged to consider constructing new thatched buildings as and where appropriate in association with the use of traditional materials and local styles, particularly in conservation areas.

Guidelines for Owners

listed thatched property

Owners should check which consents if any are needed for the proposed works with their Local Authority and should check again if work is changed during the contract.

It is important to obtain any necessary listed building consent, conservation area consent, planning permission or building regulation approval for work to proceed before the thatcher starts on site.

Thatchers must be instructed of any special conditions attached to the consent or of any conditions attached to any offer of financial help. Financial aid is unlikely to be offered retrospectively.

Owners may wish to check with their thatcher whether VAT needs to be paid.

Owners should feel free to report to the Local Planning Authority any important finds during work to the thatch so that these can be properly recorded.

Guidelines for Thatchers

Thatchers should check with the local authority whether a building is listed or is in a conservation area, whether the appropriate consent has been obtained for the work proposed and should check again if work is changed during the contract. The thatcher should advice the local authority immediately if any amendments to the work are necessary.

If a new building is to be thatched, thatchers should remember to check if planning permission and building regulation approval have been obtained for the work.

Thatchers should have seen the drawings or other information which has been approved and should confirm to the owner that they will comply with the approved scheme.

Thatchers should check the required VAT with HM Customs and Excise Office especially for work which has been granted listed building consent.

Thatchers should report the discovery of an important historical feature found during the work to both the owner and the Local Authority and seek advice on the implications in terms of the effect on approvals previously granted.

Guidelines for Local Authorities

Local Authorities should develop the most appropriate ways to advice owners and thatchers of procedures and requirements for any necessary consents, grants and loan schemes and VAT requirements in respect of thatching.

Local Authorities have a responsibility to administer applications for planning permission, listed building consent, conservation area consent, building regulation approvals and for financial assistance fairly and efficiently.

Local Authorities should check that thatching work has been carried out in accordance with approved drawings.

Applications for financial assistance to local authorities contain private and confidential information and this information is exempt information under the terms of the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985. It is not therefore available for consultation by members of the public. The resultant offer of help is however a matter of public record.



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