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Specimen Contract

Contract for thatching work

1 Reasonble access for delivery of materials, storage space for the same, dry secure storage for tools or space for a site hut and a supply of water shall be required.

2 No verbal agreement, representation or purported alterations of these conditions by the thatcher or any other person; whether or not acting on the thatchers behalf shall be of any validity unless confirmed in writing by the thatcher.

3 If attendance or extra work is required by specialist tradesmen other than specifically included in this estimate i.e. moving of electrical wiring, plumbing and the like is required, then the client will be responsible for the additional costs incurred.

4 The thatcher cannot accept responsibility for any damage to the ceiling or plaster where the structure may be weakened, also any chimney, wall or timbers, which may have been covered up prior to work starting, that require attention remain the clients responsibility.

5 Payment for work done must be made within 14 days of each request. The thatcher reserves the right to make a credit charge of 5% over the base rate set by National Westminster Bank at that time on any sum outstanding from the date such payments become due and payable.

6 The thatcher will not accept any responsibility for any claim arising from the use of his reports or recommendations, by any other party, where a report or estimate is given it is given without responsibility on the thatchers part until an order is placed for the work in accordance with these conditions.

7 All materials, tools and equipment shall be supplied by the thatcher for the agreed work, unless agreed verbally or otherwise with the client. Such items and superfluous materials shall remain the property of the thatcher.

8 Any dispute that cannot be resolved between the parties shall be referred to an arbitrator to be appointed by agreement between the parties. Any costs involved to be paid by the person or persons decided on by any such arbitrator.

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