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Renewable Energy Grant Launched

£10 million has been allocated by the DTI to encourage the development of renewable energy systems for householders and community groups. The scheme called The Clear Skies Initiative, is managed by the British Research Establishment (BRE), the UK’s leading centre of expertise in building, construction, energy, environment, fire and risk.

The level of grants ranges between £500 and £5000 for householders depending on the size and type of system and up to £100,000 for community groups.

The technologies covered by the grants are
- Solar water heating collectors
- Automated wood pellet stoves
- Wood fuelled boilers
- Wind turbines
- Micro-hydro turbines
- Ground sources heat pumps


- The grant is available to homeowners and community organisations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
- Systems must be installed by an accredited installer. The list of accredited installers will soon be available from
- The system installed must be new and the components approved by the DTI.
- On and off-grid installations are acceptable. However the system must supply a building.
- Applicants are encouraged to obtain at least two estimates.
- It is strongly recommended that grant applicants implement energy efficiency measures before installing a renewable energy system.
- To request a form go to

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