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Guild of Master Thatchers
In recent years there has been a resurgence of pride in British quality and craftsmanship. The design ethic of the 1980’s merged with the environmentally conscious 1990’s to initiate better understanding and need for more traditional skills. The Guild of Master Craftsmen plays an active role in this resurgence, by promoting the original objectives upon which the Guild was formed; to bring together all skilled people engaged in a craft, trade, profession or vocation in order to safeguard the interests of craftsmen and the public alike.
The Thatched Owners Group actively supports the rejuvenation of England’s heritage with our aim of protecting traditional trades and rural living.

Building on Tradition

It is not only traditional crafts that require the support of the Guild. The contribution of companies in the service sector like the Thatched Owners Group in providing satisfaction to customers is large and growing. As Guild members we naturally support the aims and objectives of the Guild in our work. The Guild’s main objective has always been to unite different trades, crafts and professions, providing they are committed to working with skill and integrity. Here at the Thatched Owners Group we provide the link between craftsman and customer with the aim of fostering high standards for our members and provide business support to help our network of craftspeople.

How does this affect the members and customers of the Thatched Owners Group?

The most frustrating problem when moving to a new area is trying to find someone to do the jobs that may need doing to a property. We at the Thatched Owners Group are keen to promote the use of specialised craftsmen and professionals to ensure proper techniques and materials are used for the continued conservation of England’s thatched heritage. We therefore fully endorse the use of companies and individuals registered with the Guild of Master Craftsmen whose work has been deemed exemplary.

How would I find a particular craftsman?

The Guild runs a help line to assist members of the public in finding reputable craftspeople. This is a free service that draws on the Guild’s Membership database to provide a list of Guild members selected by location and craft. The result is a tailored list of local craftspeople with the skills and experience that you need. In addition, The Thatched Owners Group can recommend an individual or company from our national network based on previous work to ensure competitive quality.

How can I be sure work carried out is going to be satisfactory?

The application procedure for membership of The Guild of Master Craftsmen involves a strict vetting procedure by a Council of Management, and is aimed at excluding the unskilled. Amongst other checks which are carried out, potential members have to provide detailed references from a number of satisfied customers. Only when the Guild is satisfied that the applicant really does deserve to be called a ‘master craftsman’ is the application approved, and the member is then eligible to display the Guild emblem.

What if things don’t go to plan?

The Guild is not a consumer organisation but resolves to pursue the interests of the consumer through careful membership selection. An approved procedure for conciliation and mediation comes into play should there be a dispute with a member. The Guild’s Customer Relations Department endeavours to examine any problem, query or conflict from a dissatisfied customer of a Guild member


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